The Enjoy LifeStyle Center, headquarters for thEnjoyLife non-profit organization, plays host to a plethora of interests and activities, including: a retail store, indoor skateboard park, photo studio, music venue, theater, and tons more! The puzzle pieces that make up this marvelous masterpiece are listed below.

the retail in of TeL - "ReTeL"

The retail end of TeL – “ReTeL”

      • Enjoy - the retail shop, TeL’s commerce hub, operates as the brain for the Enjoy LifeStyle Center. It offers a wide selection of fashionable and functional supplies for life and serves as a monitoring station for the system.


      • Dream - a homegrown skateboard brand whose roots in the Rock have grown into an indoor facility aimed at integrating skating, music, art and other activities; a shelter from the storm.

        Find the Freedom to Follow your Heart!







Shop Hours: Thurs – Fri 4pm-7pm, Sat 12pm-7pm, Sun 12pm-6pm, Closed Monday thru Wednesday (purchase appointments available through 501-SOO-WAAT).

Park Hours: Dream Park is open to the public on Thurs & Fri from 4pm-7pm, Sat 12pm-7pm, Sun 12pm-6pm, Closed on Mon-Wed.  Holiday and special sessions will be announced as they arrive. Contact us below with any questions and stay tuned!

Know Before You Go! Take an aerial tour of the Dream at Enjoy Park.

Contact: Call or text 501-SOO-WAAT (501-766-9228).


  • FacebookTeL, Enjoy, Dream
  • Twitter – @thenjoylife
  • YouTubethEnjoyLife
  • Instagram – @thenjoylife, @enjoylsc, @dreamatenjoy, @haneywood, @nikitakills
  • Email – thenjoylife@gmail.com

Offline: The physical location for our headquarters is under much debate. The city says that it is one thing and GPS says something entirely different. The truth is we selected an out-of-the-way location intentionally. Possibly by kismet that it just so happens to be off the map, literally. For over three years now our patrons have spun circles pursuing our position. Finding us has been a rite of passage.

thEnjoyLife has no intention of falling into a neatly carved category or a perfectly poised pin. TeL offers things you can’t get at an ease-of-use strip mall, and our true flock will put in the work to reap the rewards. If you have interest enough to find your way here, however, an address you will have. After years in limbo, we have decided to adopt our own address and how perfect it should be to include 43. Use it wisely and the promised land you shall find!

543 Oak St, 72114


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  1. Eva Pierce says:

    The best skate shop in Central Arkansas…..check it out!!!!

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