DreamOnFive years ago I set out chasing a Dream, to see Arkansas rise as a beacon of Culture in the South. 

To truly understand the vision, you would have to step back even farther. All the way back to the 80′s to when I found skateboarding– to when I found my religion. The freedom of motion that those four wheels provided at every push was a miracle to a child confused by his place in the world. It seemed as though the Gods themselves had delivered such a device, the promise of divinity to an impoverished mortal. SOO I filled my heart with that love and let go of my fear to follow that free spirit as far as it would take me. By the age of thirty, it had seen me around the world many times over only to wind up back here, where it all started, in Arkansas, my Home. It was such a magical journey, a life anyone would hope for. Upon reflection, I felt unworthy of this gift SOO I set out to share it, first with my brother, and then with the rest of my family– all of you, my Southern Pride.

It was then, in September of 2009, that we (the 43 Family) began to build the Dream, a place to live thEnjoyLife. We started slowly with a small retail space and lounge that housed a mini-ramp– Enjoy. Our ambition was only to raise the bar in this land that we love and widen the path for a new generation SOO that they may pursue similar ambitions. As it turns out, the youth were hungrier than expected, SOO we moved to a larger space and our mini-ramp turned into a full-blown park. We hosted shows, held skate contests, threw legendary parties and all in all began to paint a picture of how things could be if we all worked together, without pain of prejudice, without titles of separation, motivated only by our hearts and the love they contain. We, as skateboarders, as artists, as lawyers, as carpenters, as doctors, as teachers, as mechanics, as plumbers, we as people are more powerful together than apart.

Still, there are trials even a heart full of love must master, and it is now that we face our most difficult test yet. Fear and greed have conspired to threaten our home. Luckily, we saw this coming. To grow you must give more than you take and a generous heart harkens to many hands, some of which wish only to take. SOO we decided to “go out of business” in order to re-establish ourselves, free from those uninterested in our true direction, and to seek a connection with those who wish to help. And honestly, the plan could not have unfolded more perfectly. Through this crucible of trying times, the unity we have sought has been sealed in steel, while the weight of waste has been left by the wayside. The trouble is how high the trash has risen, all the way to the top. In fact, several of our closest comrades have attempted to take what we have built all for themselves. Their actions and the aftermath thereof have proven just how shaky is the ground on which we stand.

SOO with your help and support, we plan to continue our forward progress. To do so, we have to lighten our load and fund our flight. Here is how we proceed:

  • We will hold an Estate Sale for the now deceased Enjoy, from September 19th-21st. We will sell just about everything! Most things will be priced, but if not, feel free to make us an offer. There are already several offers and considerations for our skateboard ramps and sound equipment, but we are open to entertain anything that helps achieve our goals.
  • We will hold as many shows, contests, and events as we can, while we can. They will ALL be donation only! SOO give whatever you can, however you can. We can use a lot more than just money. Most importantly, come out to support.

The death of Enjoy is also killing our main source of contact with the community, our store. SOOWAAT, we will continue to be open by appointment, and you can always find us online:

  • thEnjoyLife – our 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to community gardening, recycling, and skate park advocacy
  • DreamSk8our skateboard brand aimed at raising another professional skateboarder from the South
  • Haneywood - our media center for photography, cinematography, music, and marketing
  • SOOWAAT - our online store that supplies our lives and loves. And now with no overhead, we can offer deals like never before. Now our supplies for Life are more affordable than ever!

Now you know where we are, you know where we’ve been, and you know where we’re going. If you share our vision, then let go and find the freedom to follow your heartDream On!


Contact: Call or text 501-SOO-WAAT (501-766-9228).


543 Oak St, 72114


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  1. Eva Pierce says:

    The best skate shop in Central Arkansas…..check it out!!!!

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